Monday, February 20, 2006

just me thinking this way..!?

Every day ends with a smile, memory/experience yet begins with a surprise
I get on the tube and people just stare at the floor
The tube is so crowded, yet of course there is room for few more
The blue skies of summer are now replaced by the grey
I wish I could blow hard enough to chase them away
Sat here at work very late, a place where I don't want to be
Yet it pays for the good times, where I can truly be free
The wrinkles get bigger; another hair turns from black into grey
Time flashes by like lightning across the sky
Our lives moving in the blink of an eye
Friends they come and friends they sure go
The good times are locked in our minds, we just go with the flow..

..may be life is not about choices, its all about priorities...


Aprilslady said...

Nice one:)
btw,are you THAT old;)?

Yuva said...

..;).. 28yr young.. but black 2 grey can happen anytime,.. right? (actually, those are words i could think of.. may be -- one day hair will turn grey..))