Monday, January 14, 2008


when you think things are going just as fine,
and wild winds chases away the sweet rain,
comes a time in every once life,
you wonder if you're sane.

Hopes make the world look gold,
or that is what I've been told.

Theres so many things in this life
That we can not explain

Funny how things fell in place
how inspite these transparent emotions
I managed to stay composed and serene
inside somehow there's this little light
when will it shine to blind you
of all these questions all I can answer is a smile :)
a mask that will hide what's true inside


Naveena said...

Sanity and insanity are the two sides of the coin, it is very important to realize them, this process makes you know the value and importance of certain things and makes you further strong. However, after every wild wind and rain there is a sun and a rainbow…..and believe that every cloud has a silver lining…..SMILE & get going;-)

iamyuva said...

thanks naveena.. welcome to blogger. good to see you here. send the links if & when published.

Sindhu said...

Hi Yuva:

Thank you for stopping by!

Wish you the same!

Have a great day! You have got a great blog..

Pal said...

Hey Yuva,
You wrote this ? Too good ! So there's a poet in you.