Sunday, March 23, 2008

DisOrder Life...

That's the current mood...
Nothing is according to plan and unable to plan/predict anything. not that it ever was but still this is heights. Moving into new Country is not new but trying to sort out basics is vvveerrrryyyy time consuming and boring. [/another good excuse for not being here for (long)sometime here.]
with NO new book, no internet, no TV,.. not following news atleast not at same frequency like before-- ya, now I can imagine life in stone age.

OK. till next time... show some faith & patients.
till then-- Peace for your soul. I was exposed to this music by the movie Constant Gardener.


Dreamsunlimited said...

Hey Yuva, nice post/s……Relocation melancholy, it’s a matter of few days, and you will be alright. Remember your post on ‘Relocation’ where you said ‘departure date seems to come out of nowhere’ you will forget all in few days and the day will arrive when you have to say bye and time for another relocation. Enjoy the Solitude and make the most out of the place and explore their culture….its fun…….;-)