Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I got tagged in facebook for stereotypes which I dont fit-in..

(un)intentionally i try to stay away from stereotypes(fitting-into and also tagging others). Iam typical in that sense- i feel sometime that iam very very different, diverse, yada yada yada.. then i read the poster on my desk "you are unique like everyone else".. anyways- list from top of the mind..:

- I am always so very happy to let the women drive me around for the entire road trip. done that manytimes..

- I have 8pair of shoes.. may be 8 is not too much but that's right some men like shoes too..

- I can walk mindlessly for hours long thru the malls..window shopping(as long as I dont pay)))

- I always wanted to be couple of years older(atleast until now)

- I am not much an intellact or creative then the other guy but I can convince better..

- I always think, there will be a distortion btw what I know, what I will be able to say, and what people will then understand

- when a friend say "life is hard", I always ask "compare to what!" and almost everytime that is not the words they are looking for.

- temptations & emotions will always interfere with our sense of truth, reality & sanity

- almost no stereotypes are broken. we just move from one to another..


Chandrika Shubham said...

I always wanted to be couple of years younger(atleast until now) :D