Monday, January 08, 2007

Brain Photo: while we are thinking...

My brain tells me something but my heart say the different. almost every one would have had those moments (heart vs brain). Sometimes we are forced to make a decision and we feel ourselves to be pulled in opposite directions by reason and emotion.

Now, with the help of functional magnetic-resonance imaging (or fMRI), we can see what happends in brain in such decision making process/thinking. It measure level of oxygen in the blood and indicates which parts of brain are most active while feeling love, for food, making choices.

when processing a difficult and personal moral dilemma, we really are of two minds. study shows that if the dilemma is not so personal, the reasoning part of the brain is dominants.When a dispute exists between two sides, region called the anterior cingulate cortex, believed to be involved in mediating conflict and was highly active in brains struggling with the crying baby scenario

So does the heart rule the head? Answer: Sometimes. But the head doesn't give in without a fight.

perhaps interesting is next steps would be - which is stronger: emotions or logic? and questions about moral sense, do we learn what is right and wrong as we grow up?

very interesting.. will follow-up and post more on this.