Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Past.. re-lived

crash landed on Reminiscences re-lived
and I did relive....The Past

A setting so perfect
It's past lushes in scenes
Frame works of still pulsing stopping living

But with great feelings I look back
Judging each character as my eye freezes
The moments of past pictures
Something, which the future can’t even grasp

There it was again.
That moment.
as the universe
went about its business as usual.
There we were for a rare moment of
water lapping the lake edge.
it had to pass the perfection of it drifted
beyond our grasp;
to emerge from memory's still waters,
a deep ache of longing.

memories - but then again, life certainly is constanly morphing thing


Ash said...


Seema said...

Moments that have slipped away in time to find a place in the Memory lane...always precious !

Lovely n perfect words ~!

It was nice to find ya at the clouds...

priya said...

Yuva: Moments of past pictures... I enjoyed those words coz when we look back, we have something to see and bring it back.