Thursday, February 08, 2007

Reality.. is very Subjective

Subjective reality's container is the ever-present awareness, the field of consciousness in which all of reality takes place. This "reality" includes all thought and all of its manifestations, including the following: ideas, concepts, imagination, people, animals, plants, places, objects, events, circumstances, situations, relationships, beliefs, emotions, time (past, present, future), the afterlife, spirits, angels, etc. Anything and everything you can perceive or conceive is part of this reality. There is no outside. Even the act of considering there may be something outside is still taking place within that awareness. So if you die physically and find yourself a disembodied spirit, you're still experiencing subjective reality. Truthfully only your ego can experience death.

Your true identity is the ever-present awareness, the field of consciousness in which all of reality exists. It is permanent and immortal. It exists independent of time, and it can only be perceived in the present.

You are free to identify with the ego, but it is not your true identity. To say you are your ego persona is like saying you are your thumb. Your thumb is certainly a part of you, but it is not the entirety of you. Just as you are much more than your thumb, you are much more than your ego. But to the degree you turn your ego (or your thumb) into your whole identity, you limit your experience immensely. There's some value in having that experience to be sure, but eventually you'll suspect there's more to you than just a thumb.

People, including your own avatar, are projections of consciousness. They are not projections of your ego; your ego itself is a projection of consciousness as well.

Every human being is effectively a physical representation of part of the contents of consciousness. You are that consciousness, so every human being is a manifestation of a part of you. Consequently, everyone is significant and meaningful — there are no irrelevant or inconsequential people.

Every person you create in your reality is the manifestation of a thought. Every unique person represents a specific aspect of consciousness itself… a specific aspect of you. If you understand yourself fully, you will know all there is to know about people. And if you understand other people fully, you will know yourself completely.