Thursday, May 10, 2007

alone (Un)Defined...

When the day turns to night
there with your thoughts
your part of this fragile world
is settled into their own

Does your mind wander like mine?
Retrieving latent bits of broken dreams
Wondering what would have happened
if there was another path
Or would there have been a wall
to slam against till the pain
was unbearable, leading to
yet another sad parallel universe

But in that one, you die
not from violence or torture
unless one considers that
its self inflicted.

Alone is never so quiet when theres
no one to blame but 'YOU',
Laugh with the clowns
cry with the saints

Time is the only thing
that I know
because each step we take
Brings us closer to our end

Stars so bright in the sky
morning sun lights on the face as the dark sky fades away
moments frozen in time kept alive by every breathe
as another day You will survive

...You are alone until you don't reach out...


pria said...

You are alone until you don't reach out...

- Well said Yuva and damn true.

suramya said...

"alone is never so quiet when there's no one to blame but 'YOU'"-lovely line, singular way of putting across idea.