Monday, May 21, 2007

Thinking beyond criticism.....

Thanks to Lavanya, I landed on Thinking beyond criticism.

We burn buses at slightest provocation, we go on strike at whim , our players speak against their coach in public whilst in office, we counterprotest by being deliberately provocative and we have long history of violence inherent in our politics, even blogging; and for all the high falutin talk, us, the so called educated, are incapable to think beyond linking each other's posts and fuming at the failure of democracy before our keyboards at every such possible incident. We all, just blame one another.

These people, this world.

We arent one among them. We are different of course. We follow a pattern, a different one. Go to google and search for any of these issues: MMS scandal, Kareena Shahid Kapoor kiss, Shilpa Shetty racism, Da vinci code Delhi controversy, blogspot ban, Gandhi on youtube, Richard Gere Shilpa Shetty (oh yes) kiss etc, you would end up with a collection of snobbish looking templates heavier than War and Peace. Not once anywhere has there been a suggestion or any attempt to prevent such a incident again. Not even on any scale.

Simply, nothing has happened. We survive, we live. We blog.

Probably there is a reason for it all: We quite simply do not know beyond that.

Unless we get out of our new found post-modern elitism and cease regarding others: self appointed moral policers, nut-wingers, rightists, religious goons, this and that, whoever for however disagreeable they are for whatever reasons and take us all as one whole single unit, we shall only be speaking for ourselves. So, by implication we do not have any right to speak for a country. Which means, in other words, we shall be unable to look into solving these issues, by whatever means. That is the bigger shame.

Before us would be, two options, firstly, if we see ourselves as an elitist cohort exclusive of the rest of the citizens of our country, then we simply have to shut up this self-patting culture of blame blogs which we very well know only we ourselves read.

Secondly, if we take to see ourselves as a part of all these, then, I am certain we wouldn’t be writing any of these blogs.

yes, Thought provoking but I must admit comfort of blackberry lifestyle limit us to get our hands dirty. truth is we are out of touch. and we studied hard, work hard to get to that status of 'out of touch'.

Deep down a sense of guilt, may be the reason for an out pouring blogs and to be a silence vote of support for greater good. yes, I admit today Iam lazy but I too have passion may be with no direction & motivation. I intend not to stay the same for ever and that very thought makes me sleep without feeling (too much) guilt.

I think options are-- Ignorance and care of none. or understanding reality, share your cry/blog with like minded and to HOPE to create better awareness thus creating knowledge base which would help change a step at time which gives hope for better future.

I choice later... and I find comfort in doing so..

Patriotism, a venture to suggest that what we mean is a sense of national responsibility ... a patriotism which is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.