Thursday, June 14, 2007

AlGore was in Town…

Former US Vice President Al Gore was in town to delivery speech about Global Warming.

Al Gore

Thanks for Sophie, a friend of mine.. who dropped email about this yesterday and I could ran in last minute. I don't know the future but I consider this to be lifetime opportunity to see the man live. turned out to be a great experience.

Athens being Athens-- It wasn't publicized well. being free entrance, I expected too much crowd then what I saw and I can notice most people were foreign/expats. I cannot understand why large% of local population would want to miss this..!! Initially, we were sited in auditorium adjacent and couldn't see live instead its live telecast. was very disappointed ofcourse. but its still OK till the speech started, it was live telecast with greek translation voice over. oh god.! I couldn't believe this.

but again, Athens being Athens-- you will always find work around (like India). we approached some officials and we were guided to sit in the auditorium to fill-in few remaining empty sites, where Al Gore was speaking.

about Global Warming/Information-- I don't need to explain importance of it since any rational human being would know and others(/stupid) will not accept or bother anyways.

Al Gore speech was great-- passionate and informative, based on facts, data/statistics. He was very critical about US government policies on this (rightly so). He ended his speech by saying-- as mankind had achieved some much glory in past, we could end this issue and control its impact. But he didn't outlined how individuals can contribute. ofcourse many would know but I thought that would be logical conclusion.

as far as, I remember AlGore and Prince Charles are one of the few personalities, who were talking about Global Warming for decades now. Rest of us are late to join them. We have moral obligation as thinking being to protect and stop other species from extension from this planet. Let the normal cycle of ice age continues, lets not trouble natural cycle of creation. Hopefully, collectively we will do more good so that our kids can enjoy this planet as we did if not more.

anyways, during the whole speech seeing his passion, approach and awareness-- I couldn't avoid thinking whether he is going to run for 2008 US presidential election or not? I want him to and from yesterday experience, my guess is-- he might.


Melissa R. Garrett said...

Al Gore's documentary offers a compelling plea for change . . . to those who will watch it, that is. Unfortunately, there are those provincial individuals who will never recognize the impact of human selfishness and who still insist that global warming is nothing but a natural and cyclical occurrence. Shame on them. I don't know how it is worldwide, but here in the US, global warming and "green" issues seem to be quite contentious among the political parties. I wish people would recognize that it isn't a political issue, but a humanitarian issue.

Al Gore is not in the presidential running.

Anitya said...

You're lucky that you got to listen him. He's a great environmentalist. It's unfortunate that he lost the election. He was the one who persuaded Japan to sign the Kyoto, and was for all these negotiations.

Regarding the individual's responsibilites, once we realize the seriousness of the issue, it would and should follow naturally; but may not be so too.