Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mate or soul Mate...!

Are some people just meant to be in our lives, to play a part, even after we think that we might loss them. What is the role of accidental meetings, coincidental phone calls, coincidental mass emails sent by to an address which still lies in your address book which you`ve never been able to delete, because you just don't want to. Why is it that these people keep coming in your lives.

It`s amazing the way some people are a part of your life. How they just happen to pop in at intervals decided by the Universe. It`s ironic because it`s the same universe that conspired may one day take those people away from you. I don`t know why though. I`m reading my diary right now and I have written "She`s Perfect"...


suramya said...

I guess thats why life is so lovely :)

pria said...

They are always special and thaz why we ar eunable to remove from our thoughts. It keeps coming back to refresh memories of golden days.

I may use your click comments from ur blog.