Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tragic state of America

Miss South Carolina was asked about tragic state that 20% American cannot locate their own country in world map, why?

her response: (If I haven't posted this video may be you wouldn't trust me with her answer)

oh dear lord... I'm totally speechless and cannot stop laughing, even without the part where she totally lost it - "students in the US can't find things on maps because they don't have maps".. this from the land which gave us Google Maps..

"Why people think Americans are stupid"

that's the stupid storm of middle america..;) and their great leader..:

so many great sentence.. but my pick "over century and half american & japan had formed great partners.." how can any stupid soul forget World War..!?)


priya said...


This is not new and it did comeout in CNN last yr during a survey. Many do not know the geography as they just don't care or bother to learn.

People are taught but how much it goes into their mind is all it says.

devil in disguise said...

its hilarious! I am so taking a few videos! :)