Friday, November 28, 2008

Day after thought, to defeat terrorism

Yesterday I was sad, angry and wrote down (here), what I thought was happening and didn’t happen.

Today with sense, I am eating my words with honest measured reflections & thoughts. With best intelligence, task-force and even if USA acts responsiblily without ‘what’s-in-it-for-us’ foreign policy, will it defeat terrorism!? At best, it can save few more life, might stop some terrorist acts and might defeat terrorist but it will not cure terrorism.

It was very easy for us(atleast for me) to forget recently events before the attack. We had 65% voter turn-out in J&K elections, Pakistan Govt. acknowledged Kashmir’s Mujahideen as terrorist (which never happened before in our history), Pakistan Govt willing for greater trade links with India. India & Pakistan never had better relationship in the past and growing strength-to-strength by the day. Surely my (Indian) government is doing something correct which I am overlooking and not giving credit for.

In today’s globalized world, either we are victim or observer of such terror attacks. The moment we throw un-measure thousand words in public then we make the mission of the terrorists successful. Since their motivation is to get publicity for good or bad reasons. Media doesn’t help either by providing the kind of horrific visuals.

Although India can proudly claim to be quite inclusive in nature though favouritism has been always an issue, yet these repeated incidents of terror instead of making us immune and indifferent is actually making us apprehensive and panic stricken. So what can be done? Nothing much can be changed if someone is willing to kill him for a cause. Even Moon & Mars cannot be a safe place. Yes Nothing can be done without having a long-term politically solutions, socially policies, roadmap, education, jobs, social justice, tolerance, patients,..which ofcourse isn’t start-end path but a continues effects to make tomorrow better than today.

If each of us continues to do what we are doing without getting greatly influenced by the news and stand with our morals then in long-run terrorism will vanish.
I will try to do my part by not panic and by not posting incomplete blog (which I did yesterday).

PS: very interesting article with good insights @ How to Defeat Terrorism


Anonymous said...

Absolutely. If someone is willing to kill themselves for the act of terrorism, then there is no way anyone can stop them. That's the basic problem.

KGS said...

As long as Islam remains fundamentally unchanged and unchallenged to change, then yes, Islamic terrorism is with us for a very long time to come.

Standing by your morals also includes the need to stand up to IslamOfascism. Anything else is mere window dressing and feel good sentiments.