Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Movie Review: Dasvidaniya

I got to watch Dasvidaniya(hindi movie) recently. Like most other hindi movie- its not a fresh idea('inspired' by bucket list) without any twisted tale(one screen in particular 'inspired' from love actually). Its a situational bitter-sweet comedy story about a shy,lonely,boring 37yr old bachelor with middle-class existence and without any motivation to change daily life or meaningless lifestyle until the day he finds only 3month of life is left-in him.

Facing prospect of dying without enjoying life, he decides to make list of things-to-do-before-dying. He settles score with boss and embarks on journey to fulfill his bucket list-- foriegn trip, meeting childhood friend, confessing love to first and only crush, guitar, buying a car,..

I would say some of things in list is flimme, meaningless and unrealistic. Script is not perfect but that's beside the point- It’s the treatment, presentations and concept makes it good-to-watch(3/5) movie. Its a emotionally journey which notes difference between surviving vs living.

Cast and Director have done a good job. Its worth watching even thou you might want to fast-forward/skip few scenes.