Friday, January 02, 2009


after New Year's Eve fun night, I decided to take a New Year's 1st day at ease reading through some stuff and browse some good videos. so landed on Bill Clinton's speech at 2006 UK Labour Party Conference(below). I thought, I will begin new year blog by the sharing this speech.

Although I am not always aligned with Blair's & Clinton's Policies but I do consider them among few smartest & decent politicians in the world and ofcourse very good speakers. What particularly impressive about this speech is that he was talking about human-geno project's finding which highlights how little different we humans are even with so much diversity in our race, religion,.. yet all(including western society) focus on 0.1% difference and ignoring 99.9% similarities we share.

If we were the most beautiful, the most intelligent, the most wealthy, the most powerful person - and then found all of a sudden that we were alone on the planet, it wouldn't amount to a hill of beans...
Ubuntu means I am because you are.

very impressive speech & content.
would strongly recommend especially last 10mins of the speech.