Friday, May 01, 2009

Duck Race 2009

Plastic ducks gathered in Luxembourg City Duck Race, a chairity event is organized. 5€ duck will benefit a charity to support TEO, an association committed to helping children who are suffering from brain tumors or head trauma.

the race was held in the Pétrusse valley,Grund with entertainment, food, drinks all over the place. It was good summer excuse for families to get out of house with kids.

All the ducks were numbered corresponding to a number of the ticket. The first ducks to cross the finish first will receive one of many prizes such as trips, gift certificates, dinners and other attractive prizes offered by sponsors. This year's first prize was a New Twingo car.

for the records- just checked the website for results, I haven't won any prize. anyways it was fun.
Duck Race 2009


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