Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dutch weekend

For last couple of weeks, Rotterdam is my work basic. I decided to spend weekend to catchup with local friends and turned out to be great weekend.

Visited Kinderdijk windmill complex- It was very impressive specially after knowing the history and science behind it. as many might know nearly half of nederland is reclaimed land which is under sea level and making it more vulnerable to floods. Since periodic flooding become problem, in 13th century canal were built to get the water out and in 14/15th century windmill were built to power(energy) to drain the excess water to reservoir. Only during 19th century these windmills went into retirement due to diesel powered pumping stations. But during WorldWar2, again windmills came back from retirement for short time since diesel became scarce. It is beautiful site especially on sunny day.
Sunday with friends, we drove to his mom’s place at North Country side close to Friesland. 90mins drive from Amsterdam thru 30km Dike separating lake on one-side & sea on the other. It’s wonder. 30km road built to separate lake & sea and connecting two parts of Holland.
Afsluitdijk Dick

Reached his mom’s home, which is a beautiful house with garden in-front & yard connecting with canal/water way behind. Meet his grandma 96yr old women, who knew Einstein from her working-years in Berlin per-world war era. Grandma & mom can speak perfect English.
Had wonderful collection of Holland cheese and packed some selection of sandwiches & cheese went out on boat ride. Yes they had own boat. House on river side with boat, that’s dream land. We took ride thru canals & lake. I was driving the boat. With food & drinks in aboard did some pirate acts..;) It was great.

Athens-Friend-reunion dinner planned at Greek restaurant but ended-up in Italian restaurants.In all it was great weekend and once in life time experience. Thanks to lovely Dutch duo(S & E).