Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Interesting start

Year so far: 2010 had interesting start with mixed emotions. Now visiting my beloved city, which I call it second home(London). During past month, big part of my attention was about thinking thru how & where next 11months should be. Hope the months ahead would evolve to shape my thoughts more clearly.

Backlog: I did complete 20books in 2009 but I was so lazy to update book review blog. I should do back dated update…I should. I should.

Addiction: I have some impulsive habits and when I feel its becomes addiction then I test myself to check if I can live without it. I thought I was addicted to TV so when I relocated to new place, I didn’t buy TV. For almost 5+yrs I don’t have TV but I did watch some favorite shows via www. I don’t feel the need for TV. Because of that I could spend more time reading & writing. Fewdays back I thought I am addicted to facebook. so tested myself and again I manage to avoid log-in for week without hurting my brain-cells. Hip hip.. so I can live without facebook(If I have too..))
Now I know, I am addicted to internet.. rest is fine.

And ya, someone had time & interest to publish what I have to say—at webneetech


Chandrika Shubham said...

Great to know that u can control ur addictions. :)
If a person stop watching TV then he can devote more time to reading and writing.
Net addiction is the need of hour.:)

Priya said...

Welcome to the world of FB addiction. I can live without TV, but not my www