Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vote for Backpacking Ninja

Travel has been part of my dna. Growing up my dad never missed any opportunity for family holidays to travel all corners of india (and nepal). Every couple of years, we used up his LTC scheme to travel 30/45days summer trip to travel across the country. we started from Kashmir when I was 7/8yr old and his last LTC trip before retirement was to Andaman islands. Traveling was part of my childhood, so it was natural for me to use up all possible to relocate and travel with every possible opportunity i had to explore new places and people. its great liberating experience.

My personality test say i am a explorer type. but frankly for most part i had decent job with possibilities to travel to various countries and I did my pick for 20-30days/year vacation travel. and I even took break from my worklife to explore few corners but minute I got good decent job offer, I came back to comfort-zone.
I always had great admiration for traveler, lonely planet book maker. (Roff's vagabonding was good read and now he is my facebook friend..;))

anyways, point is-I have been stocking Backpacking Ninja aka aparna for sometime now. All I know is- she has passion to explore and courage to let go daily lazy life. That's very admiring skills to have.

Now I hear she is finalist for India Today's search for explorer.

and for me, her story is worth voting for. Ok honestly I am biased even other's stories seems to be cool. but vote for her anyways.;)
vote here @ Titan World


Priya said...

Thanks for sharing Yuva. I just tweeted about this. I have voted.