Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Last week I was bit down and on Friday I was sick. I woke up on Saturday to notice wonderful sunny day but streets were covered with overnight snow. Took a picture of my backyard and went about doing the usual weekend morning routine(I say morning but its actually around 12.))..making coffee, breakfast, took shower and in about 2hrs, I noticed all the snow gone... What a difference 2hours of sun makes.

Its perfect analogy to Life. is it not? One sick day had cleared my memory for not-so good days in that week and everything started fresh..like that 2hours of sunshine. Fact is life has so many uncontrollable parameter at play. Thinking about those too much will only keep the focus away from other controllable parameters.

Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better.


Chandrika Shubham said...

Hope sunshines likes this, forever in ur life. :)

mystic rose said...

That is your backyard?! interesting. its as though you live in the country.

I love that song!

Being Pramoda... said...

hey.. thanks for visisting my space..:) pls keep coming..:)

Nice pics and an extreamly thoughful analogy.. change is so important in life..:)

any wayss.. keep writing..:)