Friday, March 19, 2010

Music: Chicken soup for the soul

Recently I wrote about how I don't like habits turning into additions, but their are few exceptions to that rule. Music is one of the them. I don't know how? from when? but its been part of DNA. I always like to expose myself to new genre, musicians, language. Growing up- radio was my main source. Late night FM used to play very nice songs and that's how I got introduced to many artists specially in English. I used to lock myself in the room and record cassettes from FM-radio. I didn't learn hindi at school, I learnt it by watching some very interesting DD serials and music...(big thanks to Gulzar, KishoreKumar, M.Rafi,) 

And my hometown is big on Indian classical music. December is music festival season and Its getting bigger & better every year. When I was little- for couple of years may be, my dad used to get seasonal pass for Music Academy concerts. That's when I realized the magic of Live performance. Since then I try not miss any opportunity to watch live performance. Over the years, I watched countless performances live bands/musicians from east, west..classical, opera, jazz, fusion, some great orchestra,.. Watching Live always makes me wonder why am I not blessed with such talent to play musical instrument. And I always wished somehow magically, I woke up one day then I can play guitar(because Iam lazy to learn & practice).

My habit rather addiction for finding new music continued. with few interesting friends we share playlist. that is another source. then came youtube & iTunes.. african, arabic, persian, etc....wonderful music of the world became accessible. and my additions of digg for new music continues... I bookmark some of my finds at youtube playlist

my recent fav: Karsh Kale, Rahul Sharma, Imogen Heap, Anais Mitchell, Faithless, Oceanlab,..

Share your playlist.


Chandrika Shubham said...

Nice to know about your taste for music. :)