Thursday, December 14, 2006

Google Analytics for blogs

for all those who dont care about reader traffic/count on there blog sites - Good bye for now and do stopover for next post. Others read on

Google Analytics is free service to monitor and understand your site traffice. adding the Google Analytics tracking code to your website is easy—simply add the JavaScript snippet to the source code. Web analytics is the analysis of the data generated by visitors to Web sites -- the pages they visit, the ads they click on, and various related metrics -- for the purpose of marketing and content optimization. Google Analytics has been updated to integrate with the company's AdWords advertising service, enabling marketers to obtain ROI metrics without the need to import ad campaign data. It also includes new summary views of traffic and trends, preformatted for executives, marketers, and Webmasters.

Big advantage - since I already have gmail id, I dont need to create new account/id.