Monday, December 11, 2006

Remote access to your PC from anywhere

LogMeIn( is a free service which allows you to login your home PC from anywhere via brandband.

How: Create logmein account. Install necessary free application for your home PC and add your home PC to your logmein account. Make sure logmein runs as service in your home PC. Signin to your logmein account from else where to access your home PC.

I haven't tested this myself yet. but very excitied to do so(may be overthe weekend). If it works as promissed than uses are mulitple:

  • I dont need to upload photos & video for my family to see instead, I can simple copy to my home PC
  • I can access songs/movies from home PC.
  • Guests Invie - allows you to share your pc for remote collaboration on some tasks.
(watch-out)will test & blog my experience

Meanwhile if anyone already tried this service, please post your comments.


Ganesh T S said...

Why do you need to use some services which are closed source? They may be spyware / adware based.

A simple solution is to use TightVNC for your PC at home. It is available under GPL and open source. Once you are running the VNC server, you can connect to the PC from anywhere in the world either using VNC client or even just a browser.

In addition, if your home PC is running WinXP professional, you already have remote desktop installed as part of the OS.