Thursday, July 12, 2007

Letter to IBN's Anuradhu SenGupta

for Details/Background:

Anu, I was among other 1000+ bloggers who posted comments on your Sivaji Post and expressed, why you shouldn't use IBN-Blog for expressing your view. Great to see you are listening. so I thought to express my thanks for that(/listening) and moving to personal blog

Iam was silent fan of your works from CNBS days. And I really hope you spend your energy and time on more important issues/subject.

I don't like CNN-IBN because its increasingly following CNN's pattern of BS stories/coverage. Indian media is getting big and with it increasingly ugly by lossing its standards/ethics. NewsPaper & magazine have far better standard(Times excluded). I know this is very common opinion among bloggers but this will never hit news channels. even if its doesn't with very biased view. But BBC had taken notice on New Indian Media..

The big problem in Indian journalism is the lack of quality and experience at the copy desk

Liberalisation has led to the media targeting readers as consumers rather than citizens. There is a burgeoning of frothy supplements, loads of newsprint devoted to non-issues. It leads to the invisibility of those on the margin, which means those who make policy don't read about them and their problems as much as they should. Food and fashion journalism is unfortunately no longer confined to metropolitan cities, the regional papers are going the same way increasingly, because they too are targeting the upwardly mobile consumers in their cities.
If I may-- Please treat us as Citizen not as Consumer. with blogs,...opinions are evolving much faster among us(/blogger community, which is minority in India) and I do hope ugly part of Indian Media will take good hard look for reality check.



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