Friday, June 05, 2009

HOME: A date with the world

Spreading the message: for awareness, to behave responsibly and to help protect our HOME.

200 000 years of existence, man has upset the balance is nearly 4 billion years of evolution on Earth. The price to pay is heavy, but it is too late to be pessimistic: there are still only ten years for humanity to reverse the trend, be aware of excessive exploitation of the wealth of the Earth and change its mode of consumption.

More than film, HOME will be a global event for the first time in history, this film released simultaneously in over 50 countries and on all media: film, TV, DVD and Internet. It is the symbolic date of 5 June 2009 was chosen for this international output.

An date with the world on 5 June!

We should be thankful for having a gift of pleasant nature,
It is one’s responsibility to save the beauty of nature,
True living in the heart of nature helps an achiever,
to achieve the long life period of his splendid desire.