Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Moon walking Jackson

Yes me too was shocked by this news. I was travelling between Copenhagen and Helsinki. I noticed Danish newspaper and Finnish newspaper with full page MJ fans thought yet another controversy. It was ofcourse very surprising and shocking to know he is no more.

Well like million others me too is fan of MJ's music & performances and he was my start to western music. Over the years my music interest has grown length and breadth with difference genre artists before and after his generations but he started it all. Late 80s early 90s he was reason most of us listen to English songs. I never used to buy cassettes, will always record songs. Thriller and Bad are first two English music cassettes I bought. Awesome music and his dance moves. Surely he had his share of controversies and I thought it’s because of his childhood and shared sympathy for him. One of his interview, he said his most autobiographical song is 'Have you seen my childhood'.

Ofcourse most of his music and dance is nothing less than brilliant and while everybody has their famous favorites mine favorite is not so famous

and Girl is Mine

will you be there

Man in the Mirror

Surely end of one of the greatest performer, entertainer.