Sunday, June 21, 2009


was in London and it felt like home--almost. Ever since I relocated out of london, for some reason or other I went back every once a while just to keep in touch with one of my beloved city. I have no great reasons but it does feel like home may be because of friends or food,..=)

I landed at 6pm and by 7pm I ended-up in usual places doing usual things. visit to mahalakshmi temple-just for ladoos.) and saravana bhavan eating dosa. sometime doing silly things feels like heaven, this was one of those things. Its bad that the week I was there tubes were on strike and my friends(local guardians) were out of town. I wasn't booked to stay back for the weekend. thanks to few friends, i stayed at their place. friday night we were in local pub taking marriage..and our usual topic of discussion- getting of rat race and doing something interesting. so this time discussion was about business plans for setting-up bed n breakfast outside barcelona. somehow i have good feeling about this. this could happen someday.

Simple relaxing sunny weekend with football(watching only not playing, since i didnt have proper shoes..)) and australia football(rugby).. lunch at pizza express, siesta. thought cricket to Spainish guy & American lady..=) I did well because they understood and were cheering for India against england next day. And dinner at nice french restaurant. sunday was in marylebone summer fayre and manage to catchup with SN talking about the usuals & watching T20WC and took flight back to current home base.

I couldn't catchup with all my friends but that's good enough reason to make trip again.

Everytime Iam london, i ask myself why did i decided to relocate out of london? while life was kind and had great experience since i moved out, i always wondered what would have happened if I would have stayed back.!? may be i dont like comfortzone and want to test myself among unknown places & people or may be iam just crazy. atleast i dont intend to do that for long and someday i would endup in home or a place close to home or a place which feels like home. until then--- I so wishes to be punkrocker...


Dreamsunlimited said...

London is full of zeal and zest. I can't tell one how much I miss this City....Wish to be back....fingures crossed.:)