Sunday, June 28, 2009


I was walking along Stroget copenhagen shopping street. saw a Japenese men doing tattoo designs. He said its will last for 2weeks (not permanent). I picked a design 10mins later, I got a tattoo. as simple as that. not a lot of thinking to do. ofcourse if its permanent it would be very different situation (considering pain as well).

I always defined myself as person with curiosity & self-defined ethics. while I know when & for what I should say no, Iam mostly not shy to try.

Don't know from when & why Tattoo is associated with rebellious or unconventional..!? My grandma has permanent tattoo and in her generation it was common to get tattooed of meaning less design or name. But now, for some reason people do make some impressions about folks who have Tattoos. Good or Bad but some impression is formed for sure. I was no different a week ago and would be no different when it washes away. but anyways don't dare to judge me.;)

Also I must say It does feel "Cool" to have a Tattoo..;) and would recommend (but do think before having a permanent one).

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Priya said...

Looks great...I am sure you'll miss it when it starts wearing off!

aadarsh said...

Coool!!! :)

Radha said...

very cool :)